A Professional Translation and Interpretation Company Committed to Outstanding and Affordable Service


MPC Interpretation is a translation and interpretation company committed to providing outstanding but affordable service.


We have been providing certified translation and interpretation services since 1999 to a vast diversity of clients from large corporations seeking long-term services to individuals seeking one-time services throughout the U.S.A and Central America.


We are a woman and minority owned-firm based out of Concord, North Carolina. The owner started the company by becoming one of the only Spanish Court Certified Interpreters in Concord, North Carolina. We have been providing services in the area for over 13 years, which include but are not limited to Charlotte, Salisbury, Albemarle, Monroe, Greensboro, Winston Salem and Raleigh among others.


We have been providing certified translation services for USCIS purposes for over 10 years!!!!!


We specialize in USCIS Certified Translations of all documentation required for (Immigration) USCIS applications.24-48 hr TURN AROUND!!!


We offer on-site and over-the-phone Interpretation Services by our professional interpreters to our clients around the globe. Either Certified or Non-certified Interpreters are available.


We offer a wide range of translation services for diverse projects. We can handle low and large volume translation projects, from simple everyday materials to very technical and specialized.


USCIS Certified Translation Services:

We specialize in Certified Spanish Translation of Documents for (Immigration) USCIS purposes.

Most standard documents can be delivered in 24-48 hrs. and are a flat fee of $35.00 (up to 350 words.)

All documents are translated and proof-read by a Certified Translator who signs and certifies each document.
Notarization of documents is also available for an additional small fee.

Translation Services:

Our team of Certified Translators has 10+ years of experience in providing translation services for clients with diverse needs. As part of our team we have a group of Medically Certified and Legally Certified Interpreters that can provide high quality translations for specialized materials. All materials are proof-read before delivery. We specialize in Spanish but have other languages available upon request.

Here are some of our areas of expertise:

  • Certified Legal Translation of Documents (Apostille, discovery, transcripts, forms, records, etc.)
  • Translation of Medical or Specialized Materials (Medical records, reports, professional reports and content, etc.)
  • Editorial Pieces (Magazine content, advertisements, mailers, website content, etc.)
  • Transcripts, Records and Forms (Academic, professional, etc.)

           ***We offer Notarized Certification of Translation upon request.

Interpretation Services:

We provide on-site and over the phone Certified and Non-certified Interpretation Services for a large variety of areas, which include:

  • Court Certified Interpretation (For: Courts, Attorneys, District Attorneys, Depositions, Industrial Commission, Mediations, etc.)
  • Medically Certified and Non-certified Interpretation (For: Nurse Case Managers, Any Medical Appointments, Worker’s Compensation Patient’s, Surgeries, Interviews, Physical Therapy, Conferences,  etc.)
  • Professional Spanish Interpretation (For: Conferences, Presentations, Interviews, Reports, etc.)
  • Telephonic Interpretation (For: Telephonic Conferences, Interviews, etc.)
  • VRI – Video Remote Interpretation Services (For: Medical appointments, Depositions, Industrial Commission Hearings, Worker’s Compensation matters, etc.)


We provide quality Interpretation Services in all three areas of Interpretation: Consecutive, Simultaneous and Sight.


MPC INTERPRETATION is a growing company and always looking to expand our team of interpreters, if you are a qualified bilingual individual in ANY language and are looking to work as an independent contractor, please click the JOIN OUR TEAM button below and provide the requested information to apply.



MPC Interpretation es una compañía bilingüe de traducción e interpretación del Inglés al Español y vice versa, comprometida a ofrecer servicios profesionales de alta calidad pero a un precio accesible en las siguientes áreas:

Nos especializamos en TRADUCCIONES CERTIFICADAS de actas, certificados  o historial académico o médico para Inmigración (USCIS).

INTERPRETACIÓN para compañías o individuos en cualquier área: profesional, legal y médica entre otras. Nuestro equipo de intérpretes profesionales y certificados está preparado para servirle en cualquier área que necesite. Tenemos un equipo especializado para áreas que requieran interpretación legal o médica certificada.

TRADUCCIÓN profesional de documentos al Inglés o Español de cualquier tipo, con servicios de certificación y sello notarial opcional.

Para pedir una cuota dele clic aquí: Request a Quote

Si necesita información adicional o tiene preguntas contáctenos a: info@mpcinterpretation.com



We receive your document via fax or PDF attachment and our staff reviews it for timeline estimation and price. We will then contact you with our quote and timeframe for delivery of product.


Once we receive the client’s approval for translation, depending on the content and volume of the project, we may assign one or more of our highly qualified and certified translators, who will be most familiar with the subject matter to translate the document.


Once the document has been translated, the document will then be sent to an experienced proof-reader to look for possible errors and/or omissions.


Once the document has gone through the prior steps, the document is sent to the client as a draft for their final approval.


Once the client has given their approval, the document is then delivered via PDF attachment (or other if requested). If the document needs certification, the document will then be signed and certified by the certified translator that performed the translation and delivered via PDF attachment or mailed via Priority Mail by USPS. Notary signature and seal will be provided upon request at this point.



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